Connecting Descendants

DescendantsIntroducing a new concept....Connecting Descendants.  By using the power of the internet, people with common interests can connect with other descendants and genealogists. 



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The database contains a list of members, identified by a number and their interest including the year the person died.  If you share a common interest, use the form below and we'll connect you!

Alternatively, if you have an ancestor or interest in a person interred at one of the Cheltenham and regional cemeteries, you can register your details for free and we will include them in the database

Connecting Descendants form

Contact Name
I wish to... Register the details of my ancestor on the Connecting Descendants database for free.  I have included the first name, surname, year of burial and cemetery below:

Yes, please get me in contact with the member whose ancestor I share a common interest with.  I give permission for The Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries Inc. to forward my contact name and email address.  I agree to join the Friends in the event that I am not a financial member.  I have included the reference from the table and the details of the common interest below:

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